Internet Page for ACM-7.0-DLC-20200202

Screenshot of ACM featuring two Su-30s returning to home base

Aerial Combat Modeler started by Riley Rainey in 1991

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This is the first release of acm-7.0-dlc on February 2, 2020

Builds and runs so far on:

Files available:

README Cumulative README Files for ACM, newest first

manual A very complete HTML document for everything ACM but the README and the source

acm-7.0-dlc-20200202.tar.gz This is the compressed archive of everything ACM needed to build it from its source code and run it.

acm-7.0-dlc-20200202.tar.gz.sha256 This is the checksum for you to download to verify the download of the compressed archive was not somehow corrupted.

acm-7.0-dlc-final.diffs Shows the changes from rc6 (any duplicates via symlinked files have been elided)